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Shortly after my “retirement” post, I began to ponder my future while also arranging for Medicare coverage. As a retired guy, I certainly want to read more and travel extensively — and I’m doing that. But I know I can’t give up writing, since it’s really not work to me.

So, I’m now officially offering my services through an enterprise I call  “Stories by ToughSledding,” I bring to the table 40+ years of experience as a PR professional and storyteller, and I can help your company/organization tell a meaningful story that will command attention and engage your audiences. I am especially seeking assignments that require road trips.

I know how to do this. In fact, before I joined Kent State, I was a PR professional and storyteller for 16 years. And while at Kent State, I trained students to become storytellers, and most of them have become successful PR professionals. Who knows? Maybe some of them will be paying clients down the road.

If your organization needs help communicating via social and traditional media, or in face-to-face environments, let me assist you. Or if you simply need a writer to support an ongoing campaign, I’m happy to serve in that role, too.

Hey,  I’ve been telling stories for more than a decade here at ToughSledding. Maybe it’s time I get paid to do it!

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2 thoughts on “Storyteller for Hire

  1. Thanks, Dino. Coaching and mentoring have been part of my teaching mission since I first stepped into a classroom 35 years ago. But I could never accept money for doing it (though I guess I did so indirectly by drawing a salary at the university). What I really want is to buy a small van or motor home and travel around the USA and Canada finding stories. If enough people came to this site, I could monetize it — though I don’t really need the money.

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