Well, I’m retired. What now?

ToughSledding asks: Where do I go from here?

My new retired-guy profile, shot 01-10-19 while hiking along Michigan’s Boardman River. (Photo credit: Sharon Sledzik)

My last post here was about two years ago. It was decent, but hardly my best work. And the last essay of any substance was more of a rant about how just tough it is to do my job — to teach exclusively online. I caught some shit for that post, but I have long been misunderstood and misinterpreted. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke, right?

Today, I have no job. My university offered me a year’s salary to hit the road, so I bought a camper and cleaned out my desk. I am 65, officially retired and collecting a pension. Camping will have to wait until the snow clears and my CPA bride endures another tax season.

So what’s next for me? People ask me this all the time, and I don’t have an answer. You see, I can do whatever I want within reason. I don’t have unlimited resources for travel. And I already live in a lake house with more toys than I’ll ever need. So I’ll have to be creative — at least until Ohio votes for legal marijuana. (Hmm. There’s always Michgan 🙂

“You should write a book,” folks tell me. “About what?” I ask them. “Your experiences. You should share your experiences,” they say.

I don’t think so. My experiences are hardly unique, and If you really want to know my mind, start by reviewing the 474 posts prior to this one. Some are still relevant.

Public relations? I’ve said all I want to say on that topic right here on the blog. I don’t plan to teach PR again. I don’t plan to do PR consulting again. It was a great run, but 42 years in this business should be enough for anyone. I’m movin’ on — though I’d be willing to pick up some freelance writing gigs for the right fee.

The blog? ToughSledding will live on, as I owe it to all the folks who’ve linked to this site in the past 13 years. Thank you for that, but the way. At one time I drew some pretty decent traffic here. But more important, we had some great conversations. I’m not sure that can ever happen again on this or any blog. Twitter sort of spoiled those deep and meaningful discussions, didn’t it?

Let’s go back to my first question: Where do I go from here?  If you have ideas for me — about writing or about life in general — post a comment. If nothing else I’ll see if this blog has any subscribers left.

2 thoughts on “Well, I’m retired. What now?

  1. Hey Bill, this is Phil Champ. I took your PR Case Studies class some 10 years ago and it’s always remained with me. Here’s what I think you should do. Buy a DSLR camera, download a photography 101 ebook and get lost in a new hobby. You’ve got a year to kill right? Open an instagram account and tell your story through pictures instead of words (I know crazy), and hell, you could even call it “smooth sledding” from here on out.



  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Phil. I’m happy that I was able to make an impression, but even happier that you found this post. I didn’t promote it at all, and this is the first feedback I’ve gotten.

    I’m actually not half bad as an amateur snap-shooter and I have a couple of friends who do it professionally, so advice would be close at hand. I’ve had an Instagram account for some time, but having posted there in ages. I’ll give it some thought.

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